Fengurl-Dreams Updates

mon, 09-jan-15 I've removed one of our hosted sites.

sun, 13-nov-11 I've redone the layout of Fengurl-Dreams. I will, hopefully, be updating some of the other sites soon.

sun, 30-nov-08 I've removed a site [*sniff* bye bye Now Showing] and removed one of my affiliates as they were no longer on the web. If you'd like to take over Now showing, either as is, or changed however you want, feel free to drop me a line. Simply follow the same rules and procedures as for joining, and fill in the Now Showing url where you would put your site url/pic/description.

fri, 11-april-08 I've added a new site, Now Showing, as well as taking down Rec'ing. Sorry, but I doubt I was ever going to get around to updating that site.

thu, 28-jun-07 - I've added a new site. Dream Machine, the personal fiction archive of Carcassi. It's all Smallville fiction right now, but she has plans to expand.

wed, 13-jun-07- I know it's been almost two years since I updated, but I'm still here! We've lost Recherché ElenorLaura because the maintainer couldn't keep it up. You can now find it here. We do have a new[ish] site, Nameless Layout, and a new affiliate, though. Welcome Smallville to Metropolis, a hosting archive for fanfic related to Superman/Smallville.

fri, 4-nov-05- I added a new affiliate: Before Sunrise.

mon, 17-oct-05- I've added a new site: Snapshot. It's a site for hosting various screencaps.

wed, 7-sep-05- I've added a new affiliate: The Velvet Vampire. Also, on the extras page, I've added a layout that's up for grabs. Check out the page for details and feel free to email me if you have any questions.

tue, 2-aug-05- I've added two sites, Eclectic Tongue and Recherché Elenorlaura, both are personal fiction archives.

sat, 25-jun-05- We're up, just not completely live yet.